Partner Network

It’s all about teamwork

Amazon Web Services

AWS provides a wide range of cloud virtual servers and flexible, easy configurations. Setting up a new server and getting it running is a matter of minutes. Ewarenow’s own cloud is an AWS EC2 instance supporting multiple websites, web applications and web services.
Ewarenow is working to achieve AWS partner certification.


Enclave is a successful and growing Offshore Development Center (ODC) company established in 2008. It has over 200 software engineers with a wide range of skill sets.

Ewarenow has a permanent ‘Acme’ team of Enclave software engineers in Danang, Vietnam since 2009. The size of the team and range of technology stacks vary to meet specific customer project requirements.


Forcivity is an enterprise-level, boutique consulting firm and certified Salesforce Partner that helps clients build stronger relationships with their customers and maximize their technology investment. Forcivity has a robust team of seasoned Salesforce professionals lead by a Certified Technical Architect. They have the skills to assist with any project, from Salesforce cloud implementations to complex, intricate business processes buildout. Forcivity is a trusted partner for every phase of your business. 

Forcivity and Ewarenow have teamed on Salesforce projects for many years. Part of Ewarenow’s team of Enclave engineers is devoted to Forcivity development work.


As a Microsoft Partner for over 10 years, Ewarenow obtains many Microsoft products and services including Azure, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Microsoft 365 and more.

That all supports our projects for many customers.


Onepath is a Managed Services Provider (MSP). They support hundreds of small to midsize businesses throughout the US, have a strong management team, and a diverse portfolio of IT solutions and engineers. These attributes have resulted in Onepath being a Top 25 Global MSP. Onepath is Ewarenow’s MSP and we work as a combined team from time to time on new clients.


Salesforce is the preeminent customer relationship management cloud. It’s not just for salespeople anymore.

Ewarenow has its own Salesforce Enterprise account and its own Work Tracking app on it.

Ewarenow can take on Salesforce projects directly with customers; it has done so as far back as 2002.

More often, Forcivity or DLH are teaming with Ewarenow to meet a customer’s Salesforce needs.

Soft Square Group

Soft Square Group is a large, well-established Thai software company. It has been a valued team partner for Ewarenow since our first projects together starting in 2001. Fast forward to 2017 and beyond: Soft Square’s founder sponsors and mentors teams of university students doing research in robotics.

Approach Group

Ewarenow’s collaboration with Approach Group goes back 20 years and was our first sortie into healthcare and HIPAA requirements.


Cal-SE and Ewarenow both use Enclave’s development resources. Ewarenow facilitates Cal-SE’s East coast business. Cal-SE facilitates Ewarenow’s West coast business.

DLH Technology Advisors

DLH’s mission is “Startup and Innovation Consulting”.

Ewarenow teams with DLH on Salesforce consulting and new product development engagements.

Druva CloudRanger

Druva CloudRanger provides clean, simple, scheduled backup of and disaster recovery for AWS cloud instances. Ewarenow uses it and recommends it to customers asking for Cloud Control. Support is great from the development team in Ireland.

Federation of Thai Industries

Ewarenow values FTI’s important innovation leadership, especially in use of collaborative robots (cobots).

Granite State Analytical Services

GSA is a laboratory certified to provide water testing services to customers in NH, ME, MA, VT, and RI.

LIMS VS was built by Ewarenow’s Acme team at Enclave. GSA management requirements inspired the creation of EQQ® and several other innovations.

Kilpatrick IT Solutions

Kilpatrick IT Solutions provides managed services, cloud computing, and backup/restore services. It is well-managed and professionally staffed.

Ewarenow teams with Kilpatrick IT to provide database or application solutions.

Software Park Thailand

Software Park Thailand’s mission is to nurture the growth of the software industry in Thailand. It supports over 500 Thai software companies, When Ewarenow needs resources beyond what its current partners can provide, Software Park is our go-to source.


Umbraco is a Danish website development and content management app. It is extremely easy to use, well-architected and well supported. This website is written in it.


Veracross provides a cloud portal for K-12 schools to manage all their school information.

Ewarenow and Veracross are teamed to carry out the process of translating exports of data from newly signed-up schools into the Veracross database.

Weiner International Associates

Gene Weiner is widely recognized and influential in the electronics manufacturing and packaging sector. A member of the IPC's Hall of Fame Council and Chairman of its forthcoming January 25, 2021 Management Forum, his mentoring and support helps Ewarenow succeed in delivering custom operating system, control, and equipment software to its electronics manufacturing customers.


WKK Distribution makes and sells machines used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. Ewarenow teamed WKK with Enclave to implement Windows 10 UWP embedded software for WKK’s products.