IT Consulting your way

It just works. No hassle. Protected from disaster. Timely service when needed.

Your IT infrastructure is critical to your business operation. If you have embraced cloud computing for your business application(s) and your users have up-to-date workstations, laptops, etc., you may feel confident that your IT infrastructure ‘just works’.

You may see some cases below that would cause you to need timely and affordable IT service.

We can consult with you and your IT staff to verify that your critical needs are well served, or we can help you team with a suitable Managed Service Provider (MSP) if you need one.


Vital data lost or corrupted

  • Find and restore specific data from recent backup

Major disaster – e.g.: fire, flood, etc.

  • Replace damaged IT hardware. Restore from recent backups

Software updates need to be applied

  • Installed tool schedules and applies updates automatically

Network failure

  • Installed tool can detect impending failure

A user’s computer just died

  • Tech can obtain, install, and get replacement functioning


  • Do complete restore from recent backup. Require password updates

Denial of service attack / Virus or worm

  • Installed anti malware should preclude. Find and remove quarantined malware

Getting cryptic notifications from various clouds

  • IT service tech can handle

Manage local domain and users

  • Task can be assigned to IT service tech

Strange thing happening. Don’t understand

  • Tech can connect remotely, observe it, and resolve it.

Are you having a hard time dealing with technology issues?

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