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10 Questions to Ask a Software Development Company

To help you understand the capabilities of a prospective software development company, here are 10 questions to ask a custom software development company.

Companies and individuals seeking help with software development might have a ton of questions to ask prospective developers. Realistically, you won’t have the time to go over every single question you have about the development process and what to expect from working with their company, especially if you have a few firms to interview. 

To help you through the process, our team has made a list of the crucial questions you need to ask a software development company regarding what they can do for you and your organization. These are the most important things to go over so you can get an idea of what it’s going to be like working with any given software development company. 

10 Must-Ask Questions for a Custom Software Development Company

Here are the top 10 questions you should ask a software development company about their capabilities. Their answers will give you a good idea of what to expect from their services and the resulting custom software application going forward. 

1. What is your experience completing projects similar to mine?

Finding out how much experience with similar assignments your prospective software development company has is essential. This will impact the quality of the finished product and how quickly they might be able to complete the project. 

2. If I say “yes” to the recommended direction for this project, what am I saying “no” to?

It’s essential to clear up the specific direction you want to take with your software development company. When you agree to specific proposals, you may be excluding the possibility of alternate directions once they get started on the project. This could influence what sort of revisions are available to you later in the project’s timeline and what services the company can provide throughout the process. 

3. In what ways is this custom solution scalable for future use?

You might use the programming your software development company provides to solve certain problems in your business venture. However, this might apply to other problems you may encounter in the future, but the program might limit how you can implement it. Ask your company whether the solution can be scaled up or down depending on future situations your business may encounter. 

4. What involvement will be expected of me throughout the process? 

Some projects don’t require any input from the client after the software developer starts it. However, some developers may need feedback, clarification, or guidance on the project’s direction. Get information on how much you should be involved in the project at different points to avoid any scheduling conflicts or misunderstandings about your role in the software development process. 

5. What is your approach to project management?

Different software development companies have different project management styles. Typically, software development companies use either agile or waterfall management styles, meaning you have the opportunity to give feedback frequently throughout the project or the company lays out different phases in which feedback can occur. Make sure their management style matches your company’s organization standards and what you expect out of your involvement. 

6. What is the estimated turnaround time for this project?

Determining a realistic timetable is crucial before you contract out your software development project. The software development company should be completely open about their method for estimating how much time it will take to reach certain milestones in the project. Without a timetable, you could be left in the dark throughout the process, fostering uncertainty and distrust between yourself and the company. 

7. What is expected of my team once the solution is deployed? How does this change their job functions?

Whatever software you have developed will affect how your team performs their job. Whether it makes it easier or adds additional responsibilities to their roster, you need to have an idea of how the software will affect workflow after you implement it. Ask the software developer if your team needs to do anything after the project is complete and how it might change what your company’s day-to-day looks like.  

8. What does ongoing maintenance look like for this custom solution?

Any given software requires maintenance over time to keep it working properly and to update its capabilities to match your needs. Discuss with your prospective developer how often you need to perform maintenance on the software and if you still need their help to do so or perform the maintenance yourself. The team should estimate maintenance costs in the general overview of the project beforehand, and an inability to do so is a major red flag. 

9. What is the cost and return on investment? 

In all likelihood, you and your company are seeking custom software development to increase your overall revenue stream or reduce the cost of certain operations within your business. A software development team should be able to estimate the total cost for the project and what sort of return you can expect on the initial and ongoing investment. 

10. Why is your company right for my project? 

By asking this question, you give the custom software development company a chance to sell themselves. Every development company should be able to evaluate and explain the specific benefits they can offer your company, not just list off platonic generalities of why their team is great. If the team isn’t able to adequately explain why they are right for you and your company, they probably are not a good fit. 

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