California Software Engineering

 "We are Cal-SE, a company of and by software engineering professionals. We invest in our people, our products, our facilities, and our capabilities. We provide full-cycle agile product development, software solution and testing services. We require and provide continuing education and professional development."

Cal-SE serves as Ewarenow’s West coast arm and Ewarenow serves as Cal-SE’s East coast arm.


CIO Options LLC

CIO Options is an IT consulting firm with experience and expertise in addressing the unique technology needs of small, emerging and mid-size companies.

Ewarenow frequently works with CIO Options because together we have the expertise to address a wide range of the IT challenges your organization faces.


Forcivity, Inc.

Where force and productivity collide to create the solutions to your common Salesforce problems.

Forcivity is the brain-child of Steve Baines; he has worked with some “good guys” (and gals) in the past, and has brought them all together to make Forcivity a force to be reckoned with!

Forcivity and Ewarenow have worked together on multiple projects over the years for several customers. Moreover, Ewarenow and its partner, Enclave, provide some of the software development for Forcivity’s product set.


Weiner International Associates

Weiner International Associates is comprised of a unique group of well-known successful accomplished business and technical executives that Weiner can bring to bear to solve problems and increase business in the electronic interconnect and packaging industries' complete supply chain. 

Weiner International Associates and Ewarenow have worked together to support the growth of a very successful U.S. PCB supplier. As a direct result of that relationship, Weiner International Associates facilitated Ewarenow and its partner, Enclave, to develop the embedded IoT software for a manufacturing company in China.


Approach Group

Approach Group is a Boston-based consultancy specializing in two main areas: healthcare data and strategy and problem solving.

Ewarenow Quick Query is a direct descendent of a reporting tool Ewarenow developed for an Approach Group project for the State of New Hampshire.



Paradigm Computer Consulting

Onepath is the one source for all things to do with designing, deploying, and supporting technology – from cable to cloud.

Paradigm has been providing tech support, computer services, and IT management consulting to small and medium sized businesses since1994. They provide enterprise- level IT management practices and solutions to the small business sector with small business prices. Paradigm has now joined Onepath.

Ewarenow works collaboratively with Paradigm to support clients we have in common. And Paradigm provides managed services to Ewarenow itself.


Kilpatrick IT Solutions

Kilpatrick IT Solutions provides trusted computer support for businesses throughout Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.

Ewarenow and Kilpatrick IT work collaboratively to support clients we have in common.



Abacus Private Cloud puts your critical practice data and vital applications into a private virtual workspace that is accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime, while removing IT management burdens and costs and maximizing your organization's performance.

Ewarenow and AbacusNext have a clean, simple process for jointly supporting Ewarenow applications running on an Abacus Private Cloud.


Vertikal 6

Vertikal 6 is a Managed Service Provider (MSP). "Our Mission: Ignite growth for our clients by strategically focusing on their technology."

Ewarenow and Vertikal 6 have worked together on custom software, both for Vertikal 6 clients and for Vertikal 6 internal use.


Enclave Software Engineering Centers

The founding Enclave partners are overseas executives, from USA & UK, with long experience on both sides of IT outsourcing equation. Enclave is a company of and by software engineering professionals. It has been providing outstanding quality for software engineering and software testing services since 2007 because of its’ exceptional focus on employee education and professional growth.

Ewarenow assigns many of its projects to Enclave because of its very professional staff and its track record.


Soft Square Group of Companies

Soft Square Group offers customers a broad range of services as business solutions for organization with a fully integrated approach. Soft Square management put enormous and successful effort into recruiting, educating, and promoting first-class software professionals.

Ewarenow and Soft Square have collaborated on numerous projects over the years.


Software Park Thailand

Software Park Thailand is a Thai government organization under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). Its mission is to nurture the growth of the software industry in Thailand.

It gives Ewarenow access to over 500 software companies with a wide range of expertise and accomplishments.