Web Applications and Services

Web Applications

Ewarenow has been developing and delivering web applications since 2002 – when Microsoft .Net was only a brochure ware. We design and develop the complete application or we work as part of the team, focusing on the database and business logic aspects of the application.

We understand the critical importance of security and privacy with web applications. Our first web application was HIPAA compliance – when HIPAA was new. It is best to build security in the very outset of the design and development process. The recent web applications we have worked on include encrypted configuration files to prevent unauthorized access to the application’s database. They also include a robust security model that methodically controls what each user or group of users can see and do on each page.

Web Services

Ewarenow has developed web services for customers since 2004. Most recently we developed a proxy server for a hardware manufacturer to support each of the devices it delivers to customers regularly transmit performance information and error situations to a central server for analysis and problem response. We also write web services to communicate between a company’s own database and their Salesforce account.


I have had the pleasure of working with the Ewarenow team for the past 4 years on many different projects.  Those projects have spanned from simply needing development resources to meet demand up to full consultative and architectural endeavors.  I have engaged Doug MacLean and his team to work on cross-platform mobile applications, integration middleware using Java and Microsoft .Net, as well as to design full-scale API platforms with little guidance, all the while delivering superb, solid results.

Most recently as the CEO of a software startup, we have engaged the Ewarenow team to not only develop but also design our API that powers our platform.  The team, under the leadership of Doug, has an uncanny and refreshing ability to take a set of loosely written specifications and translate them into a solid, well-designed, flexible, reliable and scalable code base.  I have experienced many moments of great pleasure when reviewing the team’s output and have been impressed with the liberties they have taken to work in best practices and flexible design patterns to create some of the most solid software I’ve ever consumed.  Additionally, with the team being located in Asia, we have the ability to log change requests before we leave for the day only to have a new build to test and deploy the very next morning.  The dynamic of having a team overseas has literally turned my company into a 20-hour-per-day development operation.

I whole heartedly recommend Doug and his team as they have consistently risen to any technical challenge I have presented to them while always delivering a fantastic customer experience and reliable, solid technology applications.

Steve Baines, CEO, Forcivity, Inc.