Salesforce Customization and Integration

Salesforce Customization

Salesforce-logo-company.pngEwarenow and its partners help you customize to best meet your own organization's goals and needs. We also help you integrate it with your in-house applications or other cloud applications to which you subscribe.

Our developers write Apex triggers and classes and add custom fields to standard Salesforce objects. They create new custom objects or even a custom application that operates within your They understand and adhere to Salesforce best practices in all that they do.



Two of our partners, Forcivity, Inc, and CIO Options LLC, have extensive experience defining and implementing solutions for successful cloud computing, with a strong emphasis on Salesforce. Frequently, they delegate the detailed design, programming, and testing to us.

We also have our own Enterprise account and our own custom application running on it.

Salesforce Integration

Integrating Salesforce with another application requires a very good, accurate understanding of your business requirements and the database structure and content of both Salesforce and the other application. We and our partners integrated Salesforce to synchronize real-time with other cloud applications such as CleverBridge e-commerce, Flexera license management, Intacct accounting, and Zuora subscription management.

We have designed and implemented a ‘master data model’ database for a client with several independent cloud applications so that there is a single place where all the data from those independent applications is updated, synchronized, and stored in near-real-time.


We frequently use DBAmp from ForceAmp as a tool for understanding, tracking, and managing the content of a client’s Salesforce implementation and designing the details of integration and synchronization.