Commercial-Industrial Companies

We have provided software solutions to retailers, supply-chain management companies and manufacturers. Some of those solutions are operated world-wide. Depending on the customer’s particular needs, the solutions include some or all of the following: quoting, technical review and even refinement of the end-customer’s design, purchasing, manufacturing work flow, quality assurance, inventory management, receiving, shipping, and invoicing. Our most extensive solution was developed and expanded over many years for a major multi-national PCB supplier.

Health and Wellness Organizations

Ewarenow is responsible for the overall portal architecture, the database architecture and design for the Genavix wellness network. Ewarenow has also delivered a database design to a company that does healthcare insurance claims processing, so we ‘get it’ about ICD10, etc. We have also done a major database design upgrade for a company focused on helping health insurance subscribers choose lower-cost locations in their area for outpatient surgery. Ewarenow first entered the healthcare arena in 2002 with a project led by its partner Approach Group. This was a project for the State of New Hampshire. It took place just as HIPAA came into effect, giving us valuable HIPAA experience. The delivered solution was a large and very early web application and an innovative, easy-to-use report manager.

Construction and Building Maintenance

A construction company building piping systems for high-technology companies such as computer chip manufacturers, laboratories, and genetic-engineering companies, engaged Ewarenow to develop a purchase order module to fit into its financial and job-costing software. A company that maintained and repaired piping systems in large, high-rise office complexes engaged Ewarenow to provide a complete work order processing, ordering, inventory management, and invoicing system.

IT Companies

Companies in the hardware and software business have great expertise in designing and building their products. But they sometimes do not have the appropriate staff to develop and maintain software in order to support their own business flow. Ewarenow has done some critical parts of that work as a subcontractor to one of our major partners.


Ewarenow designed, developed, and supports a custom Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for a testing laboratory. The company has been our customer for over 10 years and still calls on us for upgrades and new features.

State Government

Ewarenow provides software to an operating unit of the New Hampshire Supreme Court to support the monitoring and tracking of attorneys and complaints filed against them.