Ewarenow LLC is an IT consulting  and software development company. Its clients mainly are small-medium enterprises (SMEs), with some clients that are Non-Profit organizations or state/local government agencies.

It is a single-member LLC, founded and headed by Douglass W. MacLean (Doug). It has no employees. It achieves great breadth and depth of IT and software capability with a small and highly-talented set of partner companies.

Most of its software development and support work is subcontracted to one of its partner companies in Thailand or Vietnam. 

Ewarenow has delivered custom software to clients needing cloud-based or local-area-network software to support their operations. The clients’ industries include: testing laboratories; supply-chain management; manufacturing; retail; distribution; construction; wellness/healthcare; land trusts; computer hardware/software; and Internet SaaS providers.

Ewarenow is a U.S. company with headquarters in the State of New Hampshire. Doug founded it in late 1999.