Doug MacLean

Douglass W. MacLean

Doug MacLean founded Ewarenow LLC in 1999 and is its owner, CEO, and CTO. 

Doug personally does the IT consulting work requested by clients. On software development projects, depending on their characteristics, Doug:

  • Focuses on the client’s requirements, functional definition, and database design; then manages the development partner’s software engineering team.
  • Establishes a direct relationship between the client’s senior technical staff and the development partner’s software engineering team; then ensures that everyone is working effectively together.
  • Does some or all of the actual development/support work

 Doug’s intellectual property includes the following significant software products for which he is the architect, designer, and, in Ewarenow LLC’s name the copyright holder:

  • Ewarenow Quick Query lets business users without programming expertise create and use views and queries on the SQL Server databases that underlie their main business applications.
  • GSALIMS is a full-function Laboratory Information Management System for water testing.
  • QCS-VS is a complete ERP system for logistics/trading.

He is a founding shareholder of Genavix Inc. The Genavix portal and its database are based on his architecture and design.

He began his career with 9 years at IBM designing and developing inventory management software for retail and supermarket companies, driven by IBM’s successful design of the Universal Product Code (UPC). And he worked closely with major U.S. retailers to implement the software.

In 17 years at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Doug held key management positions in: Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Quality Management, Product Management, and Marketing. Among those roles he: Led the development group for RSTS/E, one of the company’s major operating systems; Was software quality manager for all the PDP-11 software products; Led a key marketing effort chartered by Founder Ken Olsen; and Led the product management of high-security hardware products for the Government Systems Group.

Doug has a BSEE degree from the University of New Hampshire, and took graduate courses in Computer Science at Columbia University. He has completed numerous technical IT and management courses. He completed two world-renowned quality management courses, one by Philip Crosby Associates, and one conducted personally by W. Edwards Deming.

Doug’s has homes in both NH and Bangkok, Thailand. He uses current internet technology to be in constant, effective communication with U.S. clients and business partners and software development partners in Southeast Asia.

He has been an International Advisor to the Director of Software Park Thailand. He belongs to the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM) where he is a member of the ICT Committee and former chair of the SME Committee.